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A mortgage broker that…

Will give you legal and tailored mortgage accompaniment so you can buy the home of your dreams with complete peace of mind.

Will guide you and ensure your interests are protected against the selling part and the bank.

By your side from choosing the home to signing the mortgage.

Mortgage broker Homter

Best Mortgage Broker

Buying a house is easy with Homter!

We defend your interests against.....
Real estate agency

The real estate agency works for the seller, Thats why they are interested in selling as quickly and at the highest price possible

The Bank

Is an expert negotiating mortgages, and his interests are completely opposed to yours.

Spanish Mortgage rates

We have helped more  than 2,000 families. Helping them to buy and finance their homes with the best Spanish mortgage rates.

We offer you much more than any other mortgage broker.

Each of our clients has a mortgage broker specialised in home buying operations who helps them buy their home as an expert would.

We work in a transparent, comfortable, and 100% successful manner.

Buy accompanied from start to finish.

We are unique.

Get the best rates

Homter success stories:

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With the exact address, we will first carry out an initial appraisal.

Subsequently, we will conduct the necessary registry, cadastral, and urban checks to ensure that everything is in order.

Finally, your specialist mortgage broker in purchasing processes will contact the selling party to visit the property.

This way, we can refine its value and detect all possible defects or future expenses that you may have to assume

all the documentation
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Firstly, we will draft or review all the contracts you are going to sign, thus ensuring that you do not waive any of your rights.

On the other hand, our legal-real estate department will review everything related to the property:

From the urban situation, through verifying the concordance of the registry and cadastral data or the state of the community accounts, to compliance with regulations (ITE), possible hidden defects, etc

the best conditions.
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After completing the technical and legal validation, your mortgage broker will assist you in:

  • Negotiating the purchase price.
  • Negotiating the amounts to be paid upfront.
  • Setting the deadlines correctly.
  • Establishing the conditions of the earnest money or reservation contracts.
  • Setting all other specific agreements of importance
the best deal
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We are the best mortgage broker for home purchase mortgages.

We know which bank offers the best mortgage for each type of client.

Our mortgage department will secure the best mortgage for you, even if you may not have all the savings that banks typically require.

We oversee every step to ensure that everything goes perfectly, and finally, we accompany you on the day of the signing at the Notary.


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Free of charge and without commitment, we will help you to buy your future home at the best possible price, and we will also save you a lot of time and surprises throughout the process by being accompanied at all times.

In 15 minutes, you will confirm the viability of your project, and additionally, a mortgage broker especialized in buying operations will resolve all your possible doubts.

Upon completion, you will receive a personalized simulation with the best conditions we can obtain, so that you can compare and assess our proposal.

Our service is 100% success-based and without commitment





Why Homter?

What sets us apart from any other mortgage broker?

Firstly, a mortgage broker from Homter will provide you with much more service.

Secondly, we specialize in mortgages for buying a house.

A Homter mortgage broker will focus on getting you the cheapest mortgage and supporting you throughout the process of buying your future home. This way, you’ll have the best buying experience possible.

Advantages of working with a Homter mortgage broker

In case you’re considering hiring a mortgage broker to get the best mortgage for buying a house, we are the best choice.

Due to our specialization, we are the best mortgage broker to help you buy your home.

By hiring a Homter mortgage broker, you also hire a specialist who will primarily look after your interests throughout the process.

Are you a mortgage broker registered with the Bank of Spain?

Firstly, as mortgage broker we are enrolled at the  Registro Estatal de Intermediarios Financieros independientes del Banco de España with the codeNº D059

Also, As a real estate agents we are part of the  Col·legi d’Agents de la Propietat Immobiliària de Barcelona with the code A11732 and registered at the  Registre d’Agents Immobiliaris de la Generalitat de Catalunya with the number of license:  8187

What is the difference between mortgage brokers and a real estate brokers?

Mainly, a real estate broker advises on the process of buying a property, while a mortgage broker advises on any mortgage process.

Therefore, if you need a mortgage broker to buy a house or apartment, Homter is the perfect option since we are the leading mortgage consultant in advising homebuyers.

Is it better to hire a free mortgage broker or a paid one?

Few things are free in this life. A free mortgage broker works solely on the commission paid by the bank. Consequently, if there is a good option with which the free mortgage broker has no agreement, the client cannot benefit from that offer.

At Homter, we focus on giving you the best buying experience possible. That’s why we analyze every detail to ensure that nothing fails in one of the most important purchases of your life.

Are you an online Mortgage broker?

Indeed, we are an online mortgage broker, but as a result of specializing in home buying operations, unlike the rest of our competitors, we have a network of associated real estate brokers who work on the ground searching for and validating homes for our clients.

Where do you provide mortgage broker services?

As a result of our digital approach, we can provide an online mortgage broker service throughout Spain

Why a mortgage broker?

What is a mortgage broker or mortgage consultant?

A mortgage consultant or mortgage broker is a professional dedicated to finding the best mortgages in Spain and negotiating favorable conditions tailored to each client, such as lower interest rates or higher financing percentages.

These experts can work independently, in association with agencies, or through real estate agencies and online financial platforms, like Homter.

What does a mortgage broker?

The services offered by mortgage brokers can vary depending on their internal policies. Here are some of the tasks they commonly carry out:

Profile analysis: They evaluate your financial situation and debt capacity to determine the mortgage options that best suit you.

Mortgage search: They contact banking institutions and present your profile to obtain personalized offers.

Condition improvement: They have the ability to negotiate with banks to secure the best possible conditions for your mortgage.

Advisory: Some mortgage brokers may also provide advice on which offer best suits your needs

What are the benefits of mortgage brokers?

To contract a mortgage broker service offers several significant advantages.

In addition to saving you the tedious process of searching for a mortgage on your own, you can obtain more advantageous conditions than if you were to do it independently.

They can even help you renegotiate and improve the conditions of an existing mortgage.

Would you like to know other benefits they represent?

Speed: Mortgage brokers can obtain offers in a matter of weeks.

Convenience: You can receive mortgage proposals without leaving home.

Savings: They will negotiate better interest rates, lower fees, and lower bonding requirements.

Maximum financing: They can obtain mortgages of up to 100% for those with few savings.

Furthermore, some mortgage consultants can assist you with additional procedures, such as appraisals or notary signing management.

How to obtain the best Spanish mortgage rates through a mortgage broker?

In Spain, there are more than 500 accredited mortgage intermediaries.

If you want to find one that suits your needs, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a form on Homter.
  2. Wait for the call from the assigned broker, who will explain their working method and the services they offer.
  3. Submit the required documentation.
  4. Compare the offers presented by the broker.
  5. If you find a satisfactory offer, notify them.
  6. Sign the mortgage before a notary.

How much does it cost a Spanish mortgage broker?

The fees of a mortgage broker can vary depending on their internal policy and the mortgage rates that it can negotiate for you.

Some may charge a fixed amount, while others calculate a percentage commission based on the amount of the mortgage loan.

It is important to review the contract so that you have a clear understanding of the costs and services included

Is it worth hiring a Spanish mortgage broker?

It depends on your financial situation and needs. Free brokers typically offer a less comprehensive service than paid ones. They are ideal for those seeking an affordable mortgage without needing extensive guidance, and their finances can cover what the bank does not provide